Mock Test 2017 Set - 01

Science is a subject in which one needs to have a clear concept before attempting any question. It is both theoretical and formula based subject divided into three parts i.e., Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Therefore, referring a sample paper is always a good option. It helps students to revise whatever they have studied in an organised manner.   It helps them to get a glimpse of board exam as the C.B.S.E. Science Sample papers are based on N.C.E.R.T. pattern. It helps them to understand the board pattern and identify their strength and weakness. The students can keep a track of their time while solving the sample papers which will help them in managing their time in board exam.         The N.C.E.R.T based Science sample paper is of 90 marks like the board question paper. The C.B.S.E. based sample paper is divided into two sections, Section A and Section B. Section A comprises of 24 questions (from 1 to 24), whereas, Section B comprises of 12 questions (from 25 to 36). There are no subjective type questions in Section B. There are no choices available for any of the questions in both the sections.   Ø Question number 1 to 3 consists of 1 mark each Ø Question number 4 to 6 comprise of 2 marks each which needs to be answered within 30 words Ø Question number 7 to 18 comprise of 3 marks each which needs to be answered within 50 words Ø Question number 19 to 24 comprised of 4 marks each which needs to be answered within 70 words Ø Question 25 to 33 are multiple choice questions based on practical skills of 1 mark each Ø Question 33 to 36 are 2 marks questions based on practical skills.   It is very important to have strong foundation before taking board examination. Therefore, practicing these C.B.S.E based sample papers will help students to build that foundation and score better. 

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