No, You need not to pay anything to get enrolled in the courses. You simply need to register and then you can view our online lectures.

You simply need to register here by filling some of your basic information and that's it. After registration you will become a student of study khazana, and you can study subjects of your choices.

To view full lectures you need to enroll first and only then you can have access to full lectures.

You will find here the best faculty ever with many years of experience in their respective field. The faculty here is so interactive that you will feel as if you are sitting in the class. They always try to come up with some innovative tips & tricks to make classes more interesting .Their way of teaching will not let you forget the concepts.

It depends on how you learn. You can expect to succeed in an online course if you put in as much study time as you do in any of your successful on-campus courses; maintain good time management habits, and be familiar with technology.

With study khazana you can study anytime and from anywhere, you can clear your doubts by contacting the respective teacher. You can discuss doubts online, you get access to full lectures by best faculty of study khazana. You get access to their practice sheets. You can makes notes for revision.You can visit study khazana number of times and can view videos as many times as you wish. You can prepare for any exam .We provide you revision notes as well. We provide you tips to crack exams.

how to use a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word how to type how to send email how to use a discussion board how to do basic downloads from the Internet, and how to attach files.

For any query or doubts you can discuss online or you can contact our teachers directly as their contact details are mentioned in their video lessons .For complaint regarding any course or teacher you can mail us at

Online courses are conducted over the Internet and typically do not have meetings in a designated physical space. Course materials are typically available online at a dedicated website – Blackboard. Class activities and instructor/student communications, are typically conducted by email or on the course website.

You can study the following courses here as per your choice:- Abacus, CA(CPT, IPC, FINAL), CBSE syllabus 9th onwards, Competitive Exams( like Banking, CTET, CDS, IAS, LAW, NET, NTT),Computers’(A-level, BCA, MCA, Microsoft Office), Undergraduate Courses, Calligraphy, Spoken English and Vedic Math.

You can study from anywhere and anytime as per your choice .The only thing you need to have is the access to internet.

It is for all students who are preparing for Class 9th onwards, competitive exams, professional exams etc.

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STUDY KHAZANA is an e-treasure of knowledge and education with one aim of upbringing the level of education all over the India. In the journey of more than 25 years with 150 centers across the India we discovered that many student are out of the reach of proper education due to poverty.

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