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Lecture 1 : Trigonometry Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 2 : Trigonometry Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 3 : Trigonometry Part- 3 N/A
Lecture 4 : Trigonometry Part- 4 N/A
Lecture 5 : Trigonometry Part- 5 N/A
Lecture 6 : Trigonometry Part- 6 N/A
Lecture 7 : Trigonometry Part- 7 N/A
Lecture 8 : Trigonometry Part- 8 N/A
Lecture 9 : Trigonometry Part- 9 N/A
Lecture 10 : Trigonometry Part- 10 N/A
Lecture 11 : Trigonometry Part- 11 N/A

Published    17-Jun-2017      Bilingual

Trigonometry for Class 11 (CBSE Class Xi)
trigonometry class 11 tricks
trigonometric functions class 11 notes
trigonometric functions class 11 formulas
Puneet Dogra is a very active teacher who keeps on working for the students benefits. His passion for teaching makes him the best teacher of his subject. His teaching will change your experience of learning maths and will lead you to the desired scores or may be more. Moreover he has some magical tips to make it much easier for you. He is very young and dynamic teacher with a new version of teaching. He keeps up the best practices in maths education and regularly incorporates them into his instruction to help students to learn.

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Hello, I am Puneet Dogra faculty of Study Khazana. I am a very passionate teacher. I am going to change your experience of learning maths. My way of teaching will surely lead you to your desired scores or may be more.Moreover I will give some magical tips to make maths much easier for you.


My highest qualification is MSc. in Mathematics from DU.


I have experience of more than 5 years in teaching.

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