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Instructed by Binay Kumar
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Published    19-Jan-2017      Bilingual

This is a complete session for multiplication of any two digit number within 4-5 seconds or you can answer them orally as well. This is a part of base calculation and it needs proper tricks and techniques to solve. These techniques are very interesting and easy to use. Once you build up your base you then just need to practice and practice. the more you practice the more you learn. In the syllabus of SSC you will find the following: Algebra, Average, profit and loss, percentage, interest, Trigonometry, Geometry, Basic maths, Ratio and proportion, Number system, Time and Distance, Data Interpretation and Miscellaneous. You will soon find a complete course for SSC. All the topics of SSC will be covered in the same manner i.e., full of tricks, tips and practice sessions where your doubts will be discussed. You can mail us your queries at We will provide you solutions within 36 hours.

Section 1: Multiplication (In this section you will learn to multiply sums in a faster way without taking 5-6 seconds. The tricks used here are from vedic maths which is really a proven method to build quantitative power. All the govt. Exam need time management and quant section is the most time consuming section. These tricks allows you to solve problems in 5-6 secs. With these lectures maths will surely be very easy for you. This entire section is created for you keeping in mind your benefits. B.K Singh Sir will surely help you to solve them faster. This section is of 5 lectures which will make you accurate and quick to answer. All these lectures contain some questions, you are requested to kindly note down these question and try to solve on your own. For further queries or doubts you can ask them at
Lecture 1 Quicker Multiplication of Two Digit Number (In this lecture you will learn some tricks to solve multiplication problem in 5 seconds. It is done in 3 steps and once you get used to solve it your calculation power will boost. This technique can be used for multiplication of any two digit numbers, there are no exceptions. There are many tricks of faster multiplication in Vedic maths. You will be provided with 10 questions and these questions are for practice purpose and for more practice you can pick any question. Please keep in mind the techniques as it is base for the calculation in exam and for this you just need to practice as much you can.)
Lecture 2 Short Tricks For Multiplication of Specific Two Digit Number (In the last lecture you will learn quicker multiplication methods. In this video you will learn some more tricks and techniques to multiply two digit numbers much faster. All the tricks are very fantastic. You will surely like them. You will find the following questions :12*13, 13*14, 15*14, 16*13, 18*12, 17*16( Nearest to 10), 95*96,92*99, 91*97, 97*93, 95*92(Nearest to 100). Then you will learn to find the square of number ending with 5. For sure it won’t even take more than 3 secs. After that you will learn quicker multiplication of any number with the number 99. Tricks to multiply numbers like 25*11, 32*11, 53*11. Here you will multiply the following numbers: 12*99, 17*99, 25*99, 65*99, 75*99, 69*99 and 89*99. Then you will solve 72*999, 69*999, 76*999, 55*11, 25*11, 34*11, 38*11, 98*11,18*2, 56*12, 58*12, 96*12, 89*12, 56*15, 76*13, 89*13, 95*13, 86*13, 35*16, 26*16, 86*16, 18*17, 22*17, 37*17, 56*18,75*18, 76*18, 75*19, 86*19, 56*19. In the entire video you will learn 5-6 tricks to multiply. This technique will not take more than 5 secs to multiply each. You will also get some tips in the use of these tricks and how to enhance your problem solving power. You can the calculations using calculator. The tricks shared by Sir are actually time saving.)
Lecture 3 Quicker Multiplication of Three Digit Number (As In the last two lectures you learnt many short tricks to multiply any two digit number. Some short tricks were for specific numbers. All these are very easy to use. In this lecture you will learn to multiply three digit number in three steps. The more you practice, the more will be your speed. These tricks are from vedic maths and are proven to give you the accurate answer without thinking much. You can check the solution using calculator as well. In this video you will solve many problems and will cross check as well to get the satisfaction. Once you get used to these tricks you be able to solve questions of any length. Please note all the questions and try to solve them on your own using the tricks and techniques shared by the Sir.)
Lecture 4 Quicker Multiplication of Specific Three Digit Number (In this session you will learn to multiply three digit numbers of some specific numbers. The trick introduced here is again very easy to use and apply. The short trick is sure to provide you 100% accurate answer. All the trick used here are useful for all competitive exams.You will many sums to solve with short tricks. You can even check the answer using manual calculation or using calculator. Here you will learn cyclic multiplication, multiplication of any number by 12, 13,14 and so on. The process used by Sir doesn’t vary much. With the lectures Sir your Quant section will become your strong part. Hard work and Practice is the only way to success. Be determined practice everyday. Make use of these tricks questions of various chapters of quant section. The entire session is full of tricks on multiplication.)
Lecture 5 Squaring of 2, 3 and 4 Digit Numbers in 4-5 Seconds (In the above lectures you learnt to find the product of any two digit number, tricks to find the product of some specific two digit number then you understood to find the product of three digit number & tricks for some specific numbers. This lecture will give you some shortcut methods to find the square any 2 digit numbers, 3 digit numbers and 4 digit numbers. You will begin with the method called Duplex. Once you completely understand the meaning finding square will become a game for you, you will play with numbers. This method is very useful and can be used with any number. We request you to make use of these tricks as much as you can. Try to solve all the sums discussed by Sir on your own. B.K Singh Sir has made maths very easy for you. This is the last lecture of this session but not the least. Sir has many tricks to make all the chapters easy for you for the competitive exams.)

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