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Lecture 1: Introduction

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Lecture 1: NDA Maths Part-1 ( Limits, Continuity & Differentiablity )


Lecture 2: NDA Maths Part-2 (Mixup Tricks)


Lecture 3: NDA Maths Part-3 ( Complex No. & Sequence Series )


Lecture 4: NDA Maths Part-4 (Sequences & Series )


Lecture 5: NDA Maths Part-5 ( Trigonometry)


Lecture 6: NDA Maths Part-6 (Inverse Trigonometry)


Lecture 7: NDA Maths Part- 7 (Properties of Triangles)


Lecture 8: NDA Maths Part-8 (Probability )


Lecture 9: NDA Maths Part-9(Permutation & Combinations)


Lecture 10: NDA Maths Part- 10 (Miscellaneous)


Lecture 11: NDA Maths Part- 11 (Applications of the derivative)


Lecture 12: NDA Maths Part-12 (How To Study Maths For NDA )


Lecture 13: NDA Maths Part- 13 (Logarithm)


Lecture 14: NDA Maths part-14 (Logarithm)

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Lecture 1: Binary Numbers Part- 1


Lecture 2: Binary Numbers Part- 2

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Lecture 1: Straight Lines Part- 1


Lecture 2: Straight Lines Part- 2


Lecture 3: Straight Lines Part- 3

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Published    26-Mar-2017      Bilingual

In NDA Mathematics 120 questions are asked and for each right answer you get 2.5 marks i.e., MM: 300.
The question asked need tricks to solve with speed and accuracy.
As per the syllabus, you will cover the following topics.
1) Algebra
2) Vector Algebra
3) Trigonometry
4) Determinants and Matrices
5)Analytical Geometry
6) Vector Algebra
7) Statistics and Probability
8) Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus

Puneet Dogra

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About Us

Hello, I am Puneet Dogra faculty of Study Khazana. I am a very passionate teacher. I am going to change your experience of learning maths. My way of teaching will surely lead you to your desired scores or may be more.Moreover I will give some magical tips to make maths much easier for you.


My highest qualification is MSc. in Mathematics from DU.


I have experience of more than 5 years in teaching.

value for money

great...it was a nice learning and it nearly took me to a different level

Nice videos sir

nice sir....but would have been better if the time period of the course was of 6 months ..thanks sir...good videos


why had you given short tricks for log? you had not included tricks of 3D , set, relation and function more.

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