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This is beautifully and beautifully explained by Monica Mam. 
The Enemy gives a message that humanism transcends all men made prejudices and barriers. Dr Sadao upholds the ethics of medical profession in treating and enemy. The story is a great lesson of peace, love,sympathy, fellow feeling and humanism.

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Lecture 1 : The Enemy Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 2 : The Enemy Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 3 : The Enemy Part- 3 N/A
Lecture 4 : The Enemy Part- 4 N/A
Lecture 5 : The Enemy Part- 5 N/A

Published    19-May-2017      Bilingual

The story highlights how a Japanese doctor saves the life of an american prisoner of war and rises above the narrow zone of prejudices. He risks his honor, career, position and life sheltering the war prisoner of the enemy camp and saving his life.  The author has beautifully portrayed the conflicts in the doctor's mind as private and an individual and as a citizen with a sense of nationality.

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Monika Khurana has been teaching English since 1999. She is an exceptional and brilliant explainer. Moreover she is founder of D2S Institute.She has taught more than 1000 students. She explains the entire chapter line by line as if in the live class.Her classroom management techniques are awesome with sound knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, literary elements and speech techniques. She discusses the important points and the questions asked in the Board. Moreover, She gives you the idea to answer them and grab the maximum marks. With Mam, you can achieve the maximum score in your academics. You can ask queries or doubts.

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