SSC- Chemistry
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SSC- Chemistry

SSC Chemistry (Package of 12 Videos)

Instructed by Shiva Nand Pandey
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Published    15-Sep-2017      Bilingual

Section 1: Chemistry full Package- SSC ()
Lecture 1 Matter, Atomic Structure part- 1 ()
Lecture 2 Matter, Atomic Structure part- 2 ()
Lecture 3 Chemical Bonding, Acid, Base and Salt ()
Lecture 4 Glass, Cement, Metals and Vses ()
Lecture 5 Metals and Ores Examples ()
Lecture 6 Uses of Metals and Compounds ()
Lecture 7 Uses of Non- Metals N2, N3, Heavy Water and Phosphorus ()
Lecture 8 Fertiliser and Fuels ()
Lecture 9 Carbon and its Compounds ()
Lecture 10 Some Important Facts of Chemistry ()
Lecture 11 Important Facts for Exam Part- 1 ()
Lecture 12 Important Facts for Exam Part- 2 ()

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Myself is Shiva Nand Pandey. I am a Post Graduate in M.Sc. and i am preparing for UPSC IAS examination. I am teaching since 2013 . Presently i am teaching in DICE..DICE is a institue for computer and education.. I teach there Chemistry of class 11th and 12th..


M.Sc. (Chemistry)

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