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Lecture 1: Matter, Atomic Structure part- 1 N/A Watch Demo
Lecture 2: Matter, Atomic Structure Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 3: Chemical Bonding, Acid, Base and Salt N/A
Lecture 4: Glass, Cement, Metals and Vses N/A
Lecture 5: Metals and Ores Examples N/A Watch Demo
Lecture 6: Uses of Metals and Compounds N/A
Lecture 7: Uses of Non- Metals N2, N3, Heavy Water and Phosphorus N/A
Lecture 8: Fertiliser and Fuels N/A
Lecture 9: Carbon and its Compounds N/A
Lecture 10: Some Important Facts of Chemistry N/A
Lecture 11: Important Facts for Exam Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 12: Important Facts for Exam Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 13: Branches of Science and Technology N/A
Lecture 14: Measurement and Motion N/A Watch Demo
Lecture 15: Force and Laws of Motion N/A
Lecture 16: Gravitation N/A
Lecture 17: Pressure and Surface Tension N/A
Lecture 18: Relative Density & Surface Tension N/A
Lecture 19: Heat N/A
Lecture 20: Green House Effect, Sound & Wave N/A
Lecture 21: Echo, Reverberation & Sonar N/A
Lecture 22: Electricity N/A
Lecture 23: Magnetism N/A
Lecture 24: Light and Its Properties Part- 1 N/A Watch Demo
Lecture 25: Light and Its Properties Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 26: Colour, Human Eye, Defects of vision N/A
Lecture 27: Micro Organism N/A
Lecture 28: Classification of Animal Kingdom N/A
Lecture 29: Human Disease N/A
Lecture 30: Protozoa Fungi & Animal Tissue N/A
Lecture 31: Body & Working of Its Parts N/A
Lecture 32: Cell Its Parts Respiration N/A
Lecture 33: Excreatory System Blood Circulation System N/A
Lecture 34: Disease From Lack Of Vitamins And Disease of Plants N/A
Lecture 35: Some Fruits & Edible Parts & Disease In Plants N/A
Lecture 36: Plant Kingdom & Morphology N/A Watch Demo
Lecture 37: Fertilsation & Plant Histology N/A
Lecture 38: Plants & Their Scientific Name N/A
Lecture 39: Transpiration Photosynthesis & Respiration N/A
Lecture 40: Respiration And impotent Facts N/A Watch Demo
Lecture 41: Respiration And Impotent Facts N/A
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Published    14-Aug-2017      Bilingual

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Myself is Shiva Nand Pandey. I am a Post Graduate in M.Sc. and i am preparing for UPSC IAS examination. I am teaching since 2013 . Presently i am teaching in DICE..DICE is a institue for computer and education.. I teach there Chemistry of class 11th and 12th..


M.Sc. (Chemistry)

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