In this section there are 5 lectures all preparing you to the best. All the lectures are very important and requires your utmost concern. You will find all the important topics and the types of questions asked. With these lectures we are sure biology will be your favorite subject. In Reproduction you will learn Reproduction in animal and plants (asexual and sexual) reproductive, health need for and methods of family planning, safe sex vs HIV/AIDS, Child bearing and women's health, brief introduction, Basic concepts of evolution. These chapters are quite new but Sameer Sir has made it the easiest ever. You will understand everything and if you have any queries you can mail us at

Lecture 1: Reproduction Part-1


Lecture 2: Reproduction Part-2


Lecture 3: Reproduction Part-3


Lecture 4: Reproduction Part-4


Lecture 5: Reproduction Part-5


In this section you will learn about environment. At the end of the lectures student will be able to: 1) Explain the various types of waste being added to the environment. 2) Classify the various components and their inter-relationship in an ecosystem. 3) Predict the consequences due to human activities which affect the environment. 4) Analyse Reason for Ozone Depletion. 5) Interpret management of garbage disposal in own words.

Lecture 1: Our Environment- I


Lecture 2: Our Environment- II


Lecture 3: Our Environment- III



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