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Published    02-Mar-2017      Bilingual

Reasoning is such a subject in which most of the people have strong hand in and consider it to be their ticket for clearing the exam. Still many students make mistakes and come out dissatisfied and unsure after the exams. This happens when student get struck in a question and waste their time. The purpose of exam is not to judge your knowledge but the time management. So always remember to attempt the question in which you're 100% sure about. The best trick for reasoning is keep practicing.

Section 1: BLOOD RELATION (Blood Relation is one of the most important topic in competitive exams. Blood Relation questions are very common and frequently asked in major exams. Through different type of blood relation question, examiner assesses candidates reasoning skills and the more candidate is aware of the relation with a sound approach to derive a relationship between two person the more will be able to solve the questions on it in speed and accuracy. )
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