Professional Ethics for LL.B and BA.LL.B
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Professional Ethics for LL.B and BA.LL.B

CCS UNIVERSITY (Package of 8 lectures)

Instructed by Sandeep Garg
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Published    27-May-2017      Bilingual

The course shall comprise of the following:
1) Historical Perspective and Regulation of Legal Profession
2) Admission, Enrolment and Rights of advocate, Bar Council
3) Nature and Characteristics of
a) Ethics of Legal Profession
b) Legal Profession
4) Contempt of Court
a) Civil Contempt
b) Criminal contempt
c) Punishment for contempt
d) Defenses for Contempt
e) Constitutional validity of contempt law
f) Contempt by Lawyer, Judges, State and Corporate Bodies
5) Strikes by the Lawyer
6) Extent of Professionalization of legal profession
a) Code of Ethics for Lawyers
b) Professional Misconduct and its control
c) Bar Bench Relation
d) Accountability of Lawyers towards courts, Clients and Society.
e) Role of Law and Legal Profession in Social Transformation

Section 1: Professional Ethics (This paper carries maximum 100 marks. The written examination on this paper will be in descriptive form and of three hours duration and will carry 50 marks.The practical and Viva voce will carry 50 marks while project file carries 30 marks. The project file will be evaluated by the Board of Examination at the time of practical/viva voce. Viva Voce carries 20 marks.)
Lecture 1 Legal Profession in India & Professional Ethics (In this section, you will learn Legal Profession in India and Professional Ethics.
Lecture 2 Admission and Rights of Advocates (In this video session, you will learn Admission and Rights of Advocates.)
Lecture 3 Duties Towards Client (In this video, you will learn Duties Towards Clients.)
Lecture 4 Duties Towards Court & Bench-Bar Relation (In this video, you will learn duties towards court and Bench Bar Relation.)
Lecture 5 Professional Ethics ()
Lecture 6 Professional Misconduct ()
Lecture 7 Contempt of Court ()
Lecture 8 Viva Tips ()

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Sandeep Garg is an advocate at Allahabad High Court. He completed LL.M at Meerut College. He is Teaching LL.B with experience of more than 5 years. He has worked with Royal College of Law,Global College of Law Gaziabad and Madhav Vidhi Sikshan Santhan as a guest faculty. Currently working in Keshav Madhav at Greater Noida. He has the ability to break the complex issues down into simpler bits for easier understanding of the subject.


LL.M at Meerut College


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