Probability is the likelihood of something happening in the future. It is expressed as a number between zero (can never happen) to 1 (will always happen). It can be expressed as a fraction, a decimal, a percent, or as "odds". Here is a table of typical probabilities: EVENT.

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Lecture 1 : Probability By Mr. Chander Chobay N/A  Play
Lecture 2 : Probability By Mr. Chander Chobay Part -2 N/A  Play

Published    26-Jul-2016      Bilingual

Probability discussed here is entirely different from what you have done in X. This chapter counts for 10 marks. Gurpreet Sir has explained the whole lesson in these 2 videos. He has discussed this chapter in very interactive way. These two videos will be enough to gain 10 marks and will make your path to score more and more easier.

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