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Business Studies For XII

Instructed by Prateek Sood
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Published    29-Jan-2017      Bilingual

Principles of Management is the first chapter and accounts for about 6-8 marks of the Business Studies. This chapter is a part of Unit-2 and includes the following topics: Principle of Management- Concept, nature and significance, Fayols Principles of management, Taylors of scientific management- principles and techniques.

Section 1: PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT (Principles of management is included as an overview of managerial responsibilities and function. Emphasis on planing, organizing, directing, coordinating, directing and communicating. The entire course is designed with the following objective learning outcome: 1) Understand the concept of principle of management. 2) Explain the management principles. 3) Discuss the principles of management developed by Fayol. 3) Explain the principle and techniques of Scientific Management. 4) compare the Contribution of Fayol and Taylor.)
Lecture 1 Principles of Management (Principles of Management are broad and general guidelines for decision making and behavior management. It has certain nature/features/Characters and they are Universal Applicability, General guidelines, Formed by practice and experimentation, Flexibility, Mainly Behavior, Cause and Effect Relationship and Contingent. All the characteristics have been explained with some practical examples. Thereupon you will come across the significance or importance of management which really matters in decision making in an organisation and run an organisation. Then you will learn about the Fayol's Principle of Management which is very important in examination point of view. Henri Fayol was a french management theorist. He graduated from the Mining Academy of St. Etienne in 1860 in Mining Engineering. Under his management principles his company reached an excellent position. He developed 14 principles which act as guidelines for managers. You will learn here all 14 principles and their significance in the development of organisation.)

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