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Lecture 1 : Intro+Regulatory Environment N/A
Lecture 2 : Professional & Ethical Considerations N/A
Lecture 3 : Question & Answer - 1 N/A
Lecture 4 : Practice management N/A
Lecture 5 : Question & Answer-1 N/A
Lecture 6 : Audit Of Historical Financial Info-1 N/A
Lecture 7 : Audit Of Historical Financial Info-2 N/A
Lecture 8 : Audit Of Historical Financial Info-3 N/A
Lecture 9 : Audit of Historical Financial info-4 N/A
Lecture 10 : Audit Of Historical Financial Info-5 N/A
Lecture 11 : Audit Of Historical Financial Info-6 N/A
Lecture 12 : Audit Of Historical Financial Info-7 N/A
Lecture 13 : Audit Of Historical Financial Info-8 N/A
Lecture 14 : Upload soon N/A
Lecture 15 : Question & Answer N/A
Lecture 16 : Other Assignments N/A

Published    06-Feb-2018      Bilingual

Complete Package P7 Revision Advanced Audit | ACCA

Shilpi Jain

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Mrs. Shilpi Jain is amongst the best teacher of study khazana with magnificent method of teaching. Her session will surely bring you to the success. She has been a topper of her time and has many years of experience in teaching. She keeps on informing students the important points, proper way of answering and where a student lose marks generally. Here she has joined hands with study khazana to make students efforts worthy by giving right direction and make them crack the exam.


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