Our Environment | CBSE Class 10 Biology (Class X Science)
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Our Environment | CBSE Class 10 Biology (Class X Science)

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Published    06-Feb-2017      Bilingual

This topic deals with the interdependence of living organism and provide and an insight of the factors influencing the environmental change. The human activities affecting the nature and the managerial way of disposing the garbage. You will understand that human being, all plants and animals are the part of natural phenomena and are interdependent. This chapter further will develop a sense of awareness of the need and the responsibility to keep the natural system in such a manner that it sustain life, develop the sensibility towards the environmental concerns.
Our Environment | CBSE Class 10 Biology (Class X Science)

Section 1: Our Environment (In this chapter you will learn about environment. At the end of the lectures student will be able to: 1) Explain the various types of waste being added to the environment. 2) Classify the various components and their inter-relationship in an ecosystem. 3) Predict the consequences due to human activities which affect the environment. 4) Analyse Reason for Ozone Depletion. 5) Interpret management of garbage disposal in own words.)
Lecture 1 Our Environment- I (Our Environment is the surrounding in which we live which includes the physical surrounding like temp, air, water bodies and soil. All the plants and animals live in that surrounding. The waste material produced by man and animals are poisonous to some extend. These waste are classified into two groups: 1) Biodegradable 2) Non-Biodegradable Ecosystem is a self contained unit of living things( plants, animals and decomposers) and their non-living components like soil, air and water. eg:- Grassland. It has two components: Biotic and Abiotic components. Biotic component inlcudes the three types of organisms: 1) Producers 2) Consumers 3) Decomposers. Producers are which entraps the solar energy and make their food or energy for other organisms. Consumers are organisms that are dependent on the food or the energy from producers. They are further divided into three groups: Herbivorous, Carnivorous and Omnivorous. Decomposers are those organism which obtain their food from dead remains of consumers and producers. They help in recycling of nutrients. The functioning of Eco-system depends on both the biotic and abiotic components.)
Lecture 2 Our Environment- II (In this lecture you will begin with Food chain. Food chain is a sequence of living organisms consumes in a community in which one organism consumes another organism to transfer food energy. It is unidirectional i.e., transfer off energy takes place only in one direction. In aquatic ecosystem, the food chain starts with microscopic free floating plants( phytoplankton). Food web is an interconnected food chains operating in an ecosystem which establish a relationship between various species. The various levels of food chain at which transfer of food takes place is called trophic level. Then we have some human activities that largely affect the ecosystem which has lead to ozone layer depletion. Ozone is a gas that surrounds the earth to stop the harmful UV rays entering the earth. At the end you will learn the management of Garbage we produce.)
Lecture 3 Our Environment- III (In this session you will practice questions on Our Environment.)

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