Novel The Invisible Man for Class XII | English
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Novel The Invisible Man for Class XII | English

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Instructed by Monika Khurana
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Published    17-Nov-2017      Bilingual

Section 1: Novel The Invisible Man ()
Lecture 1 Novel The Invisible Man Part- 1 ()
Lecture 2 The Invisible Man Part- 2 ()
Lecture 3 Novel The Invisible Man Part- 3 ()
Lecture 4 Novel The Invisible Man Part- 4 ()
Lecture 5 Novel The Invisible Man Part- 5 ()
Lecture 6 Novel the invisible Mam Part-6 ()
Lecture 7 Novel the invisible Mam Part-7 ()
Lecture 8 Novel the invisible Mam Part-8 ()
Lecture 9 Novel the invisible Mam Part-9 ()
Lecture 10 Novel the invisible Mam Part-10 ()
Lecture 11 Novel the invisible Mam Part-11 ()

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Monika Khurana has been teaching English since 1999. She is an exceptional and brilliant explainer. Moreover she is founder of D2S Institute.She has taught more than 1000 students. She explains the entire chapter line by line as if in the live class.Her classroom management techniques are awesome with sound knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, literary elements and speech techniques. She discusses the important points and the questions asked in the Board. Moreover, She gives you the idea to answer them and grab the maximum marks. With Mam, you can achieve the maximum score in your academics. You can ask queries or doubts.

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