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Lecture 1: Statistics Part 1


Lecture 2: Statistics Part 2


Lecture 3: Statistics Part 3


Lecture 4: Statistics Part 4


Published    08-Jan-2019      Bilingual


  Study Khazana delivers CBSE Class 9th Maths, four video lectures on Statistics with complete solutions using sample paper based on NCERT Syllabus. This chapter covers the whole chapter with all the question and answers.        


  • Introduction to Statistics 
  • Explain Collection of data, presentation of data - tabular form, ungrouped / grouped, bar graphs,  
  • Discus histograms (with varying base lengths), 
  • What is a frequency polygon? 
  • Describe qualitative analysis of data to choose the correct form of presentation for the collected data. 
  • Explain Mean, median, mode of ungrouped data.    


      These video lectures will make the subject easy for students. The free lecture is available as a demo. We provide mock exams after completion of the full course. These lectures are recording of the live session taken. It will include question and answers of the students undertaken during the class. CBSE Class 9th previous question papers and sample papers are also given to the students for practice. Video Lectures classes are taken by Study Khazana’s best faculties. Video lectures contain examples and formulas related to different topics. We have doubt sessions on YouTube related to students queries asked on WhatsApp. These classes are based on NCERT Syllabus. We offer pen drives and online-offline study mode to the students. We also have Android and IOS Study Khazana mobile app for helping students to study anywhere at any time.  


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1. Specialized as an individual cum group tutor by simplifying math concepts while coaching students to think critically to solve problems. 2. Conducted comprehensive test review sessions which contributed to an increase of more than 25 percent in some students' grades. 3. Facilitated numerous math courses as a class assistant by providing additional guidance to students during class. 4. Provided one to one attention to the students, while maintaining overall focus on the entire group.


STUDY KHAZANA is an e-treasure of knowledge and education with one aim of upbringing the level of education all over the India. In the journey of more than 25 years with 150 centers across the India we discovered that many student are out of the reach of proper education due to poverty.

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