POLYNOMIAL The word 'poly' means ''many'' and 'nomial' means ''term'' so it means ''many terms''.
A polynomial is a expression of constants, variables and exponents that combined in using of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division except not division by a variable.
There are three types of Polynomial
Monomial- Which have only one term of algebraic expression is known as monomial.
Binomial- A algebraic expression which have two terms is known as binomial.
Trinomial- A algebraic expression which have three terms is known as trinomial.
A polynomial which have no variable is known as a zero variable.
A polynomial who only have one variable is known as one variable polynomial,
A polynomial who have two variable is known as two variable polynomial.
A polynomial who have three variable is known as three variable polynomial.
The main topics which will be discussed in this polynomial chapter are-
-The basic concepts related to polynomials 
-The geometrical meaning of the zeroes of a polynomial
-Relationship between zeroes and coefficients of a polynomial
-Division algorithm for polynomials.

Lecture 1: Polynomials Part- 1


Lecture 2: Polynomials Part- 2


Lecture 3: Polynomials Part- 3


Lecture 4: Polynomials Part- 4


Lecture 5: Polynomials Part- 5


Lecture 6: Polynomials Part- 6


Lecture 7: Polynomials part-7



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