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POLYNOMIAL The word 'poly' means ''many'' and 'nomial' means ''term'' so it means ''many terms''.
A polynomial is a expression of constants, variables and exponents that combined in using of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division except not division by a variable.
There are three types of Polynomial
Monomial- Which have only one term of algebraic expression is known as monomial.
Binomial- A algebraic expression which have two terms is known as binomial.
Trinomial- A algebraic expression which have three terms is known as trinomial.
A polynomial which have no variable is known as a zero variable.
A polynomial who only have one variable is known as one variable polynomial,
A polynomial who have two variable is known as two variable polynomial.
A polynomial who have three variable is known as three variable polynomial.
The main topics which will be discussed in this polynomial chapter are-
-The basic concepts related to polynomials 
-The geometrical meaning of the zeroes of a polynomial
-Relationship between zeroes and coefficients of a polynomial
-Division algorithm for polynomials.

Lecture 1: Polynomials Part- 1


Lecture 2: Polynomials Part- 2


Lecture 3: Polynomials Part- 3


Lecture 4: Polynomials Part- 4


Lecture 5: Polynomials Part- 5


Lecture 6: Polynomials Part- 6


Lecture 7: Polynomials part-7


Published    12-Oct-2017      Bilingual


  Study Khazana delivers CBSE Class 10th Maths, seven video lectures on Polynomials with complete solutions using sample paper based on NCERT Syllabus. This chapter covers the following topic to make students understand the topic and covers the whole chapter with all the question and answers.


  • Introduction of Polynomials 
  • Geometrical meaning of the zeroes of polynomials 
  • Relationship between zeroes and co-efficient of polynomials 
  • Discuss Algorithm for polynomials 
  • Summary of the chapter  


      These video lectures will make the subject easy for students. The free lecture is available as a demo. We provide mock exams after completion of the full course. These lectures are recording of the live session taken. It will include question and answers of the students undertaken during the class. CBSE Class 10th previous question papers and sample papers are also given to the students for practice. Video Lectures classes are taken by Study Khazana’s best faculties. Video lectures contain examples and formulas related to different topics. We have doubt sessions on YouTube related to students queries asked on WhatsApp. These classes are based on NCERT Syllabus.

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