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CBSE BOARD (Package of 3 videos)

Instructed by Puneet Dogra
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Published    20-Apr-2017      Bilingual

As per the syllabus, you will learn the following:
1) Introduction
2) Related terminology like constraints, objective function, optimization
3) Different types of linear programming problem
4) Mathematical Formulation of LP problems
5) Graphical methods for problems in two variables 
6) Feasible and Infeasible regions 
7) Feasible and Infeasible solutions
8) Optimal feasible solutions

Section 1: LINEAR PROGRAMMING (In this section, you will learn all the questions from NCERT.)
Lecture 1 Linear Programming (In this session, you will get an introduction to Linear Programming. You will basics and Some problems from Ex-12.1 and 12.2.)
Lecture 2 Linear Programming Part I (In this video, you will solve questions from NCERT. You will even discuss the latest change in the pattern of marking scheme for this particular chapter.)
Lecture 3 Linear Programming Part II (In this video, you will discuss transportation problem which is very important. You will solve problems from Miscellaneous Exercise.)

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