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B.Com 2nd Year

Instructed by Puneet Dogra
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Published    07-Jan-2017      Bilingual

Limits and Continuity is a part of Unit-2: Calculus-I which includes the following: 2.1 Mathematical functions and their types- linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and logistic function. Concepts of limit, and continuity of a function. 2.2 Concept and rules of differentiation, Maxima and Minima involving second or higher order derivatives. 2.3 Concept of Marginal Analysis, Concept of Elasticity, Applied Maximum and Minimum Problems including effect of Tax on Monopolist’s Optimum price and quantity, Economic Order Quantity. Puneet Dogra Sir has tried to make every topic of maths as simple as he could and the enthusiasm in him while teaching makes his classes very very effective. Moreover in this exclusive course package you will find some very interesting and worthy tips and tricks to clear the exams, to score the highest and how to prepare fast without stress. He will also provide you tips to solve objective types questions and many more things.

Lecture 1 Limits and Continuity (In this particular video you will learn learn about the limits and continuity. You will get a some practical examples which you can relate to real life. You will get to know the significance and uses of it. This chapter is for all the students of B.Com and XII. You will also find the very basic difference between LHL and RHL, the difference between the Limits and Continuity is also there in this video. The formula is also very well describes by the Sir. Apart from it you will also learn the pattern to score full as steps matters in exams. At the end of the video you will have clear understanding of the topic. You will solve some examples and practice some questions of both continuity and discontinuity. Sir has simply tried to make your base strong. Then you will find some tips for objectives types questions and ideas to solve them in less than 1 min. All the tips shared by the sir values. Once you start doing taking his session you will find the difference. His lectures will surely make you perfect while finding the solutions accurately.)

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