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At the end of the chapter you will be able to:
1) Identify vital life process
2) Describe different modes of nutrition.
3) Explain respiratory organs, mechanism of respiration and some common respiratory disorders in human being.
4) Differentiate  between the process of excretion and transportation taking in plants and animals.

Lesson Title Time  
Lecture 1 : Life Process Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 2 : Life Process Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 3 : Life Process Part- 3 N/A
Lecture 4 : Life Process Part- 4 N/A
Lecture 5 : Life Process Part- 5 N/A
Lecture 6 : Life Process Part- 6 N/A
Lecture 7 : Life Process Part- 7 N/A
Lecture 8 : Life Process Part- 8 N/A
Lecture 9 : Life Process Part- 9 N/A
Lecture 10 : Life Process Part- 10 N/A
Lecture 11 : Life Process Part- 11 N/A
Lecture 12 : Life Process Part- 12 N/A
Lecture 13 : Life Process Part- 13 N/A
Lecture 14 : Life Process Part- 14 N/A

Published    10-May-2017      Bilingual

As per the syllabus, you have the following chapter in biology:
1) Life Process
2) Control and Co-ordination in animals and plants
3) Reproduction
4) Heredity and Evolution
5) Our Environment

In life Process, you will learn the following: 
1) Understand the term Living Being.
2) Learn the basic concept of Nutrition, Respiration, Transportation and Excretion in plants and animals.
Life Processes Course | CBSE Class 10 Biology (Class X Science)

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