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NDA Maths

Instructed by Puneet Dogra
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Published    13-Apr-2017      Bilingual

As per the syllabus NDA covers the following topics:
Matrices and Determinants
Analytical Geometry of two or three dimensions
Differential Calculus
Integral Calculus and Differential Equations
Vector Algebra
Statistics and Probability

In this lecture you will learn the way to prepare for entrance exam. The overall marks of maths is 300 and to be in the safer side you need to score minimum of 120 marks. Tricks are actually required to crack the exam and before understanding it, you need to understand why these tricks and how these tricks are used. This video will just provide you an idea on these tricks. Here you will find the various tricks on Sequence and series , determinants, Complex numbers, with questions that will surely amaze you. With this video you will get an surety to score more 120 marks. The tricks are magnificent and will make these chapters very easy for you.
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Puneet Dogra is a very active teacher who keeps on working for the students benefits. His passion for teaching makes him the best teacher of his subject. His teaching will change your experience of learning maths and will lead you to the desired scores or may be more. Moreover he has some magical tips to make it much easier for you. He is very young and dynamic teacher with a new version of teaching. He keeps up the best practices in maths education and regularly incorporates them into his instruction to help students to learn.

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Section 1: INTRODUCTION TO NDA MATHS AND TRICKS ON CONTINUITY AND DIFFERENTIABILITY (In this section you will learn the best way to prepare for NDA Maths to crack the exam. You will also gets some magnificent tricks and short methods to solve the problems on continuity and differentiability. This is the most scoring chapter and has the highest weightage in exam.)
Lecture 1 Introduction to NDA Maths (In this session you will get the amazing and marvelous tips to crack the exam. These will enhance your overall score and make your maths strongest section. Following these tips has made many aspirants successful.)

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Hello, I am Puneet Dogra faculty of Study Khazana. I am a very passionate teacher. I am going to change your experience of learning maths. My way of teaching will surely lead you to your desired scores or may be more.Moreover I will give some magical tips to make maths much easier for you.


My highest qualification is MSc. in Mathematics from DU.


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