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In this section you will cover all the units as per the syllabus.

Lesson Title Time  
Lecture 1 : Meaning of Interpretation 00:14:05 Watch Demo
Lecture 2 : The Mischief Rule 00:09:53
Lecture 3 : Golden Rule 00:11:33
Lecture 4 : Construction 00:11:28
Lecture 5 : Construction Indentical Expression 00:06:16
Lecture 6 : Interpretation Part-1 00:12:35
Lecture 7 : Interpretation Part-2 00:07:21
Lecture 8 : Strict Construction Of Penal Statutes 00:12:28
Lecture 9 : Beneficial & Strict Construction Of Taxing Statutes 00:11:43
Lecture 10 : Internal & External Aids To Interpretation 00:22:00
Lecture 11 : Classification Of Statutes 00:11:15
Lecture 12 : Interpretation Of Constitution- I 00:12:41
Lecture 13 : Interpretation Of Constitution- II 00:08:50
Lecture 14 : Presumptions, Prospective Resporspective 00:16:15

Published    13-Apr-2017      Bilingual

The course shall comprises of the following:
1) Introductory: 
2) Internal Aids to Interpretation
3) External Aids to Interpretation
4) Rules of Statutory Interpretation
5) Judicial Activism
6) Presumptions in Statutory Interpretation
7) Maxims of Statutory Interpretation
8) Interpretation with Reference to the subject matter and purpose of statues.
9) Principles of Constitutional Interpretation.

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