GST Ki Pathshala
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GST Ki Pathshala

GST General course For Accountants And Businessmen

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Published    17-Jun-2017      Bilingual

Adv. Puneet Aggarwal
• Concept of supply
• Concept of levy and taxable person
• Concept of reverse charge and distinct person

CA. Rohit Vaswani

• Time of supply
• Place of supply
• Valuation

CA. Virender Chauhan
• Return
• Registration
• Payment of tax
• Invoice

CA. Gaurav Gupta

• Transitional provisions
• Input tax credit

Section 1: GST Ki Pathsala (
These Videos will cover Concept of supply, Concept of levy and taxable person, Concept of reverse charge and distinct person, Time of supply, Place of supply, Valuation, Return, Registration, Payment of tax, Invoice, Transitional provisions, Input tax credit

Lecture 1 Basic concepts of Supply, Levy and Reverse charge (The concept of Supply, Concept of Levy and Taxable Person, Concept of Reverse Charge and Distinct Person.
Lecture 2 Concept of Supply and Valuation (Time of Supply, Place of Supply and Valuation)
Lecture 3 GST Registration, Invoice, Returns and Payment (Return, Registration, Payment of Tax, Invoice.)
Lecture 4 Transitional Provisions And Input Tax Credit (Transitional Provision, Input Tax Credit)

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