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Instructed by Sameer Kohli
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Published    26-Aug-2016      Bilingual

Here we are providing you with complete package of "Force and Laws of Motion". This is a chapter in physics where you will get to know what force actually mean, what are its types, What are the three laws of motion and what are the questions asked in exams ,what are the important points and how to score good in exams. All these things have been discussed here by our expert faculty member Sameer Kohli sir.

Lecture 1 Force & Laws of Motion (any of three laws of classical mechanics, either the law that a body remains at rest or in motion with a constant velocity unless an external force acts on the body (first law of motion) the law that the sum of the forces acting on a body is equal to the product of the mass of the body and the acceleration produced by the forces, with motion in the direction of the resultant of the forces (second law of motion) or the law that for every force acting on a body, the body exerts a force having equal magnitude and the opposite direction along the same line of action as the original force (third law of motion or law of action and reaction))

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Best Lecture

Really very very nice videos. You really made these formulas easy for me

Best Lecture

Thank you so much sir . You really made these formulas very easy for me.

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