ACCA F6 - Taxation | Course
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ACCA F6 - Taxation | Course

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Instructed by Shilpi Jain
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Published    21-Apr-2017      Bilingual

The aim of this paper is to test your knowledge of taxation, how it applies to individual, companies or group of companies.
 It includes:
1) The tax system
2) Income tax and NIC
3) Chargeable gains for individuals
4) Inheritance tax
5) Corporate tax
6) VAT

Section 1: F6 TAXATION (In this session you will all the topics in accordance to syllabus.)
Lecture 1 Exam Technique General Concept (In this session, you will learn some exam techniques.)
Lecture 2 Income Tax Computation (In this session, you will understand Income Tax Computation.)
Lecture 3 Deduction from Total Income (In this session, you will understand Deduction from Total Income.)
Lecture 4 Pension (In this session, you will understand all about Pension.)
Lecture 5 Property & Investment Income (In this session, you will understand Property and Investment Income.)
Lecture 6 Employment Income Part- 1 (In this session, you will understand taxation.)
Lecture 7 Employment Income Part- 2 (In this session, you will learn more on Taxation.)
Lecture 8 Unincorporated Traders-1 (In this session, you will learn about Unincorporated traders)
Lecture 9 Unincorporated Traders - 2 (In this session, you will learn about Unincorporated Traders.)
Lecture 10 Capital Allowance Part- 1 (In this session, you will learn Taxation.)
Lecture 11 Capital Allowance Part- 2 ()
Lecture 12 Unincorporated Traders- 3 ()
Lecture 13 Unincorporated Traders- 4 ()
Lecture 14 Income tax Other Matters Amendments ()
Lecture 15 Capital Gains Tax Part 1 - Basic Principle ()
Lecture 16 Capital Gains Tax Part- 2 ()
Lecture 17 Capital Gains Tax Part- 3 ()
Lecture 18 Capital Gain Tax Part- 4 ()
Lecture 19 Capital Gains Tax Part- 5 ()
Lecture 20 Capital Gains Tax Part- 6 ()
Lecture 21 Corporation Tax Part- 1 ()
Lecture 22 Corporation Tax Part- 2 ()
Lecture 23 Corporation Tax Part- 3 ()
Lecture 24 Inheritance Tax ()
Lecture 25 Inheritance Tax ()
Lecture 26 N.IC ()
Lecture 27 Tax Compliance ()
Lecture 28 VAT Part- 1 ()
Lecture 29 VAT Part- 2 ()
Lecture 30 VAT Part- 3 ()

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