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In this session, you will learn all the chapters of Flamingo and Vistas.

Lesson Title Time  
Lecture 1 : Indigo N/A
Lecture 2 : The Rattrap N/A
Lecture 3 : The Last Lesson N/A
Lecture 4 : Should Wizard Hit Mommy N/A
Lecture 5 : Memories of Childhood N/A
Lecture 6 : Going Places N/A
Lecture 7 : Evans Tries an O- Level N/A
Lecture 8 : My Mother at Sixty Six N/A
Lecture 9 : Aunt Jennifer's Tiger N/A
Lecture 10 : Keeping Quiet N/A
Lecture 11 : asda N/A
Lecture 12 : An Elementary Classroom in a Slum N/A
Lecture 13 : Lost Spring N/A
Lecture 14 : Deep Water N/A

Published    08-May-2017      Bilingual

As per the syllabus, you have following chapters in Flamingo to study:
1) The Last Lesson
2) Lost Spring
3) Deep Water
4) The Rattrap
5) Indigo
6) Poets and Pancakes
7) The Interview 
8) Going Places
1) My mother at sixty six
2) An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum
3) Keeping Quiet
4) A Thing of Beauty
5) A Roadside Stand
6) Aunt Jennerfer's Tiger 

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