Electricity | Class X Science
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Electricity | Class X Science

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Instructed by Sameer Kohli
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Published    23-Mar-2017      Bilingual

Effects of Currents holds 29 marks in exam. In this chapter you will learn the following:
Electric Current, Potential Difference, ohm's law, resistance, resistivity, Factors on which resistance of a conductor depends, Series combination of resisters and Parallel combination of resisters, its application in daily life, Heating Effect of electric current, its application in daily life, Electric Power and Inter relation between P, V, I and R.
Electricity | CBSE Class 10 Physics (Class X Science)

Section 1: ELECTRICITY (After completion of the chapter you will be able to: 
Interpret electric current and circuit.
Understand Electric potential and potential difference.
Analyse circuit diagram.
Illustrate Ohm's Law.
List factors on which the resistance of the conductor depends.
Discuss the resistance of a system of resistors.
Demonstrating heating effect of electric current.
Explain electric power.)
Lecture 1 Electricity- I (In this session you will learn understand electricity with thorough concepts.)
Lecture 2 Electricity- II ()
Lecture 3 Electricity- III (You will solve problems based on the above lecture, understand circuits, Ohm's Law and its derivation, resistivity and the various factors affecting the resistivity of a conductor.)
Lecture 4 Electricity- IV (In this session you will solve some very important questions based on the above lectures.)

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