In this section you are going to learn about Depreciation Accounting. In depreciation accounting you will learn the following: Depreciation, its need, factors affecting depreciation, methods of computation of depreciation like straight line method, written down value method and more. All the question provided to you are solved in here in perfect format.

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Account refers to a record or statement of financial expenditure for a particular purpose. Depreciation accounts in general terms refers to the reduction in the value of an asset due to usage, passage of time, wear and tear, technology out dating or other such factors. In accounting, it refers to the assigning of cost of a tangible asset across its useful life, roughly corresponding to normal wear and tear. This topic is from unit-2: Accounting Process. In this topic you will cover all the topic as per the syllabus. Aditi is a very dynamic teacher with a very pleasant way of teaching. She has been teaching this subject for last 5 years and always gives relevant examples connecting your life with your chapters. She is just an impeccable teacher. For any query or doubt contact us through

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