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Economics For XII

Instructed by Vipin Ahuja
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Published    02-Feb-2017      Bilingual

Demand is taken from Unit-2 of Consumer Equilibrium and Demand. In this unit you will learn the following: Consumer’s Equilibrium- Utility, Law of diminishing marginal utility, conditions of consumer’s equilibrium using marginal utility analysis; Indifference Curve Analysis of comsumer’s Equilibrium- the consumer’s budget (budget set and budget line), preference of the consumer(indifference curve, indifference map) and conditions of consumer’s equilibrium; Demand- market demands, determinants of demands, demand schedule, demand curve and its slope, movement along and shifts in the demand curve, price elasticity of the demand, price elasticity of the demand, measurement of price elasticity of the demand -(a) percentage change method. (b) Geometric method( Linear demand curve). Relationship between price elasticity of demand and total expenditure.

Section 1: DEMAND ()
Lecture 1 Demand (You will begin with the terms Need, Wants, Desire and Demand. Need means something that talks about our basic requirement, Wants implies requirement of something specific, Desires means wish or something we dream to have but but could accomplish due to monetary reasons and Demand is something one is willing to buy or able to buy. Understanding of these terms will build your fundamentals and will help you properly understand the chapter. All the terms are explained with ample of examples. Besides you will learn demand’s features: Consumer willingness, able to buy( Purchasing Power), Time, Place and Price of goods. The way of learning in this session is totally based on Understanding.)

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Vipin sir thank you ap ki vjh se economics smjh ne mujhe kuch nhi krna pda sir ap istrh se explain krte short and easy way me to smjh na kafi aasan ho jata h thank you

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