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Published    17-Jan-2017      Bilingual

The main objective of the above Act is to provide a general Penal Code for India which over the years has proved d its importance. Although this Code consolidates the whole of the law on the respective subject and is exhaustive on the matters in respect to which it declares the law, many more such penal statutes governing various offences have been created in addition to this code. The Indian security system has gone through a lot of tests and examinations throughout the time and again and this is due to the political as well as the social situations of the country. India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions and it is a place where people from various religions as well as ethnic backgrounds live together with different thought and thus exchanging ideas.

Section 1: CULPABLE HOMICIDE IPC SECTION 299 & 300 (Culpable Homicide is a categorization of some offences within the various jurisdiction of the common wealth of the country dealing with the illegal killing of the person either with or without intention depending on how the offence is defined in the jurisdiction. In this section you will learn all about the section 299 and 300. The entire lecture will give you complete idea on the section 299 and 300. At the end of the video you will learn all about the culpable homicide IPC. This is a very important topic and need sound knowledge. You will learn all the clauses of above mentioned sections. Johit Rana Sir has tried to make each and every topic very easy for you. He has shared very realistic cases and the possible decisions of the jury.)
Lecture 1 CULPABLE HOMICIDE IPC SECTION 299 & 300 (This lecture is from IPC and the topic is Indian Penal Code. In this lecture you will study about the act 299 and 300. Both are very important. You will understand both the acts word by word. Further in the continuity you will also discuss about act 46. Understanding the meaning of Intension and knowledge will make this topic very easy for you. Moreover both of them are mental elements and are very well explained with some examples. You will analyse the examples for differentiate among the terms intention and knowledge. This lecture is for both Hindi and English Medium Students. You will also learn about clause 299(1), 299(2), 299(3). Everything has been clearly defined using some very practical examples. Sir will keep you reminding the centre of the topic i.e., Murder. After learning about act 299 you will about the act 300 . In it there are 5 clause. You will also learn how the clause of 299(1) related with 300(1), 299(2) to 300(2) and 299(2) to 300(3). You will also understand the possibility of incident whether it will occur or not, Different Situations and the minor points that court focus on. You will end with the revision of the acts and the clauses. This is the best lecture on the topic.)

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