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Economics For XII (A Package of 3 lectures)

Instructed by Gaganjot Singh
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Published    04-Apr-2017      Bilingual

As per the syllabus, you have the following in Microeconomics:
1) Introduction 
2) Consumer's Equilibrium and Demand
3) Producer Behavior and Supply
4) Forms of market and price determination.

Section 1: CONSUMERS'S EQUILIBRIUM (In this unit you will cover the entire chapter of Consumer's equilibrium:
1) Utility
2) Marginal Utility
3) Total Utility
4) Budget Set
5) Budget Line
6) Monotonic Preference
7) Indifference Curve
8) Marginal Rate of Substitution
9) Diminishing Rate of Substitution
10) Indifference Map
11) Properties of Indifference of Curve 
12) Conditions of Consumer's Equilibrium

You will solve various questions based on the above chapter.)
Lecture 1 Consumer's Equilibrium- I ()
Lecture 2 Consumer's Equilibrium- II ()
Lecture 3 Consumer's Equilibrium- III ()

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