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CCS UNIVERSITY (A Package of 4 lectures)

Instructed by Sandeep Garg
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Published    14-Apr-2017      Bilingual

This course shall comprise of the following: 
1) Nature of the Indian Constitution. Special Emphasis shall be placed on 
a) Federal Structure
b) Form of the Government 
2) Preamble of the Constitution
3) Fundamental Rights
a) General: Scheme of the fundamental rights, Who can claim Rights, Against whom fundamental rights are available, Suspension of Fundamental Rights.
b) Specific Fundamental Rights
* Rights to Equality
* Right to freedom of speech and Expression
* Protection in respect of conviction for offences.
* Right to life and Personal Liberty
* Right to Education
* Right against Exploitation
* Right to Freedom of Religion
* Cultural and Educational Rights of Minorities
* Right to Constitutional Remedies
5) Directive Principles of State Policy, their importance and relationship with fundamental rights
6) Fundamental Rights

Section 1: Constitution-I (In this section, you will learn all the right as per the syllabus.)
Lecture 1 Preamble of the constitution, Nature of the Constitution & Article 1- 4 (In this session, you will learn about Preamble of the constitution, nature of the Constitution and article 1-4.)
Lecture 2 Fundamental Rights: Article 12 & 13 (In this session, you will discuss on Article 12 and 13.)
Lecture 3 Specific Fundamental Rights (In this session, you will discuss Specific Fundamental Rights.)
Lecture 4 Specific Fundamental Rights: Article 20-51(A) (In this session, you will learn articles 20-51.)

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Sandeep Garg is an advocate at Allahabad High Court. He completed LL.M at Meerut College. He is Teaching LL.B with experience of more than 5 years. He has worked with Royal College of Law,Global College of Law Gaziabad and Madhav Vidhi Sikshan Santhan as a guest faculty. Currently working in Keshav Madhav at Greater Noida. He has the ability to break the complex issues down into simpler bits for easier understanding of the subject.


LL.M at Meerut College


5 years

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