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Bank PO

Instructed by S P SHARMA
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Published    02-Mar-2017      Bilingual

Bank PO exams mainly covers the following topics:

  • Computer Hardware and Controls
  • Basic Computer Terminology
  • Basic Internet Knowledge and Protocol
  • Database Management System
  • Number System
  • Operating System
  • History of Computer
  • Network basics
  • Computer Abbreviation
  • Security Tool
  • Virus
  • Hacking
  • Software names and Usage
  • Computer Shortcut

Section 1: MICROSOFT EXCEL (In this section you will learn the following:
  • Basics of MS Excel
  • Functions and formulas
  • Usage of Excel in Practical
  • Random Functions
  • Random Dates
  • ExcelText
Lecture 1 Microsoft Excel: Introduction (You will begin with the definition of the MS.Excel. Basically MS. Excel is an application software and is a component of MS Office package. It is not only useful for banking but also for professional career. MS Excel has a huge demand in the market. It is now the requirement for many vacancies. So this topic need your utter attention. Further you will learn it practically. You will begin with instructions on how to open it and then move to different bars or buttons of Excel and their uses. You will further learn it Application name, default file name, Default number of menu and their respective names ans many more thimgs. You will learn the complete basics of Excel which is very helpful for a good career growth.)
Lecture 2 Microsoft Excel: Random Functions (In this video Sir has discussed the Practical of Excel wherein you will learn functions and formulas. Here in this video you will learn how OTP are basically generated, difference between Rand() and Rand between(), their syntax , generating random character and more. This is going to be a practical experience for you. You will learn much faster when actually try these functions practically. SP Sharma Sir has very well explained everything and has even discussed the types of questions asked in the exams. He has made the class very interactive .His friendly way of teaching will help you the most.He is also giving you practice questions and has even shared his email-id for your doubts.)
Lecture 3 Microsoft Excel: Random Dates (It is not just a lecture but a complete guidance. With this lecture you will master Excel. You need practice a lot and for your practice we will provide you practice sheets, Quiz with all the important questions and doubt sessions. You can ask your queries and you will 100% get your answer within 36 hours of your queries. Do not ever hesitate to raise any doubt. Particularly in this lecture you will learn about random date. You will learn to calculate days between two given dates. You learn how to work on dates. This is a step by step learning session. You're requested to watch the videos in the given sequence only to have a proper grasp of everything. This lecture will let you learn the different format of writing date, date value, commands to find the date value and age of a person if DOB is given with some funny tips to learn. As you finish dates you will different shortcut keys ans how to add text in cells and how to change the format and everything will be taught to you practically. You will get familiar with the techniques and important formulas of Excel like conditional formatting which includes sorting, filter, Pivot table, Vlookup, countif, count, sum, sumif and Address as per the requirement of syllabus.)
Lecture 4 Microsoft Excel: Text (This lecture is all about the text in MS.Excel. You will again learn some new formulas and these formulas are more than enough to finish the entire topic. MS. Excel is a very interesting topic with many formulas. Mugging up formulas is just a wastage of time as at the end you will forget and it becomes trash. The best way to learn these formulas is by making use of them as much as you can. Make a list of everything you do in your daily life, calculate your daily expense and there are lot many ways to utilize it. This lecture is the last topic of Excel but not the least to learn.)


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