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34 Videos , More then 8 hours of Content, Downloadable Practice Sheets and PDFs

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Published    12-Oct-2016      English

MS Excel is a Powerful tool which helps professionals in tacking data. It helps in Presenting. Analysis, Summarizing and Sorting data like no other tool. Professionals in all streams use this tool to enhance their application and analysis skill of the information at their disposal. With the increasing amount of data being used by companies, use of tools like Excel has become mandatory for all professionals to be effective and efficient. The videos explain from basics of Excel, functions, use of charts and tables, formatting, Pivot tables etc. These videos help ;understand the concept and make sure to help you learn, their application in crunch situations. They enhance the users capability to use shortcuts to save time while working on this tool. This course basically bridges a wide gap between the knowledge we have and its application in the corporate world. Course Derails : 34 videos more than 8 hours of content Downloadable Practice Sheets and PDFs FOR WHOM Every person who wants to run a business efficiently , work at the biggest companies in the most effective and professional manner must have immense knowledge of this splendid tool at disposal.

Section 1: LEVEL 1 (Level 1 Includes Excel Basics,Excel as a Calculator,Error,Sort and Filter,Charts,Formatting)
Lecture 1 Excel as Basics (Excel as Basics)
Lecture 2 Excel as a Calculator (Excel as a Calculator)
Lecture 3 Error (Error)
Lecture 4 Sort and Filter (Sort and Filter)
Lecture 5 Charts (Charts)
Lecture 6 Formatting (Formatting)
Section 2: LEVEL 2 (Level 2 includes Aggregate,Function Wizard,Cell Referencing,Logical Functions,LOOKUP Functions,INDEX MATCH Function,Date Time text functions,Nested Functions,Annotating Formulae,Conditional Formatting,Custom Number Formatting,Hyperlink)
Lecture 1 Aggregate (Aggregate)
Lecture 2 Function Wizard (Function Wizard)
Lecture 3 Cell Referencing (Cell Referencing)
Lecture 4 Logical Functions (Logical Functions)
Lecture 5 Lookup Functions (Lookup Functions)
Lecture 6 Index Match (Index Match)
Lecture 7 Date Time Text Functions (Date Time Text Functions)
Lecture 8 Nested Function (Nested Function)
Lecture 9 Annotating Formulae (Annotating Formulae)
Lecture 10 Conditional Formatting (Conditional Formatting)
Lecture 11 Custom Number Format (Custom Number Format)
Lecture 12 Hyperlink (Hyperlink)
Section 3: LEVEL 3 (Level 3 Includes Auto Filter,Subtotal,Data Consolidation,Data Validation,Age Calculator,Nested IF,Pivot Tables and Charts,Goal Seek,What if – Scenario Manager,Password Protection,Import Export Data,Amortization of Loan,Sparkline, Trendline, Candlestick Charts, Macros, VBA, SUMIF COUNTIF Functions)
Lecture 1 Auto Filter (Auto Filter)
Lecture 2 Subtotal (Subtotal)
Lecture 3 Data Consolidation (Data Consolidation)
Lecture 4 Data Validation (Data Validation)
Lecture 5 Age Calculation (Age Calculation)
Lecture 6 Nested IF (Nested IF)
Lecture 7 Pivot Table and Pivot Charts (Pivot Table and Pivot Charts)
Lecture 8 Goal Seek (Goal Seek)
Lecture 9 Scenario Manager (Scenario Manager)
Lecture 10 Password Protect (Password Protect)
Lecture 11 Import Export Data (Import Export Data)
Lecture 12 Amortization of Loan (Amortization of Loan)
Lecture 13 Sparkline (Sparkline)
Lecture 14 Macro (Macro)
Lecture 15 VBA (VBA)
Lecture 16 Sumif-CountIf (Sumif-CountIf)

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