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Lecture 1: Contract Act N/A Watch Demo
Lecture 2: Nature and Types of Contract N/A
Lecture 3: Offer and Acceptance Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 4: Offer and Acceptance Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 5: Offer and Acceptance Part- 3 N/A
Lecture 6: Capacity of Contract Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 7: Capacity of Contract Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 8: Consideration part- 1 N/A
Lecture 9: Consideration Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 10: Free Consent Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 11: Free Consent Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 12: Free Consent Part- 3 N/A
Lecture 13: Free Consent Part- 4 N/A
Lecture 14: Free Consent Part- 5 N/A
Lecture 15: Legality of Object N/A
Lecture 16: Agreements Declared Void N/A
Lecture 17: Law Nitin B.com 17 Contingent & Quasi Contracts N/A
Lecture 18: Performance of a Contract Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 19: Performance of a Contract Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 20: Discharge Of Contract N/A
Lecture 21: Breach of Contract N/A
Lecture 22: Upload Soon N/A
Lecture 23: Upload soon N/A
Lecture 24: Bailment & Pledge Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 25: Bailment & Pledge Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 26: Bailment & Pledge Part- 3 N/A
Lecture 27: Bailment & Pledge Part- 4 N/A
Lecture 28: Agency Part- 1 N/A
Lecture 29: Agency Part- 2 N/A
Lecture 30: Agency Part- 3 N/A
Lecture 31: Agency Part- 4 N/A
Lecture 32: Law Nitin B.com 32 Sale of Goods Act N/A
Lecture 33: Law Nitin B.com 33 Sale of Goods Act N/A
Lecture 34: Sale of Goods Act N/A
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Published    21-Aug-2017      Bilingual

Nitin Gupta

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Principal Subjects Mathematics, Accounts, Tax, Costing, Financial Management, Law, English, Economics Mr. Nitin Gupta’s teaching journey started about 10 years back with just 16 students. Since then, he has been teaching and guiding hundreds of students, helping them in achieving their career dreams. For this purpose, he established an institute by the name of Skyline Tutorial, Delhi with expertise in the above mentioned subjects.


M.Com. B.Com. (H), ATC.

STUDY KHAZANA is an e-treasure of knowledge and education with one aim of upbringing the level of education all over the India. In the journey of more than 25 years with 150 centers across the India we discovered that many student are out of the reach of proper education due to poverty.

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