After completion of the chapter you will be able to: 
Interpret electric current and circuit.
Understand Electric potential and potential difference.
Analyse circuit diagram.
Illustrate Ohm's Law.
List factors on which the resistance of the conductor depends.
Discuss the resistance of a system of resistors.
Demonstrating heating effect of electric current.
Explain electric power.

Lecture 1: Electricity- I


Lecture 2: Electricity- II


Lecture 3: Electricity- III


Lecture 4: Electricity- IV


After the completion of the chapter you will be able  to:
Recall good sources of energy.
List out different types of conventional sources of energy.
List out the uses of thermal power plant.
Explain hydroelectric power.
Discuss about the Biogas.
Differentiate conventional and non-conventional sources of energy.
Explain the differentiate types of energy from sea.
Discuss about the nuclear energy.
Differentiate renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

Lecture 1: Sources of Energy-I


Lecture 2: Sources of Energy-II


Lecture 3: Sources of Energy-III


Lecture 4: Sources of Energy-IV


Lecture 5: Sources of Energy-V


Lecture 6: Sources of Energy- VI



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