Circles (Chapter 10) Tutorial | CBSE Class 10 Maths (Class X)
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Circles (Chapter 10) Tutorial | CBSE Class 10 Maths (Class X)

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Published    14-Jan-2017      Bilingual

The chapter Circles is in the SA-2 syllabus and is covered under the Unit- Geometry. Geometry solely counts for 17 marks. In this Unit there are 2 chapters: Circles and Construction. In Circles you will learn the following: Tangents to a circle motivated by chords drawn from points coming closer and closer to the point. (Prove) The tangent at any point of a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact. (Prove) The lengths of tangents drawn from an external point to circle are equal. While in Construction you will learn : Division of a line segment in a given ratio (internally). Tangent to a circle from a point outside it. Construction of a triangle similar to a given triangle Both the chapters are very important in examination point of view.
Circles (Chapter 10) Tutorial | CBSE Class 10 Maths (Class X)

Section 1: CIRCLES (This sections covers entire chapter of Circles in two lectures. Circles is a very important chapter of class 10 and holds good marks. These two lectures will prepare you for exams. After watching it you will be able to solve questions on your own. You can note down the formulas and concept behind each topic. This lecture will ensure your keen learning. The entire lecture is very very interactive. Many students finds it difficult to understand. With our lectures you will find it the most easy one and for sure you aren't going to loose even a single score. These lectures are for all who wants to achieve good score. With our lecture a student can score full. We are not only providing you the chapter but a guidance with miraculous tips to aspire high.)
Lecture 1 Circles Part-1 (You will begin with a difference in Extraordinary and Ordinary man and with the difference you are surely get motivated to do hard work and gain a go and get attitude. Honing your skills Sir has has picked this chapter with many short tricks and these tricks are very compelling. You will learn how two circles can be made congruent, Concentric Circles and the relationship between the circle and line. The terms tangent and Secant are also defined here. You will also revise the term related to circles. You will learn about the longest chord of the circle. You aren’t going to learn it instead you will master everything taught in this chapter. Then you will move on to the term related to tangent and its relation with circle. Then you will start understanding the properties of tangent which are very very important and are asked in exam.)
Lecture 2 Circles Part-2 ()
Lecture 3 Circles Part-3 ()
Lecture 4 Circles Part-4 ()

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