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Instructed by Shahbaz Akhter
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Published    10-May-2017      Bilingual

As per the syllabus, you will  study the following:

1) Basis of life: Cell, Protoplasm and Tissues
2) Difference between living and non-living
3) Elementary knowledge of human body and its important organs.
4) Food Sources of energy for a man.
5) Growth and Reproduction in plants and animals.

Section 1: Cell (In this session, you will discuss all the important topics and concepts for NDA exam preparation.)
Lecture 1 Cell (
At the end of the video, you will be able to:
1) Define Cell and History of cell
2) Find Discoveries in the field of biology.
3) Discuss Types of cell
4) Differentiate amongst them
5) Learn Different Cell organelle and their function


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Shahbaz Akhtar is an excellent teacher who teaches students how to learn, think and analyze critically. He stresses more on conceptual learning rather than rote learning. He teaches well-organized concepts in a conceptually concise fashion. He keeps up-to-date to the subject matter. He has sound knowledge of his subject and gives adequate time to each topic. He portrays all the qualities of an outstanding teacher.

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