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Strategic Financial Management

Instructed by CA Ravi Gujral
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Published    25-Jan-2017      Bilingual

It is Paper-2 of CA final and is of 100 marks. It covers the following topics: 1) Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy. 2) Project Planning and Capital Budgeting 3) Leasing Decision including cross border leasing. 4) Dividend Decisions. 5) Indian Capital Market. b) Capital Market Instrument. c) Commodity derivatives. d) OTC derivatives. 6) Security Analysis. 7)Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing. 8) Financial Services in India. 9) (a) Mutual Fund. (b) Exchange Traded Funds. 10) Money market operations 11) (a) Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Institutional Investment. (b) International Financial Management. 12) Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management. 13) Mergers, Acquisition and Restructuring. The whole syllabus of SFM is covered by CA Ravi Gujral sir, an exceptional teacher. He is always ready to help out student with every fibre in his body. He has some magnificent tips to share with you to make you crack the exam.

Section 1: BOND VALUATION (The objective of SFM is to make student apply the financial management theories theories and techniques for strategic decision making. There are two lectures in this section. 1) Introduction to valuation. 2) Bond Valuation. You will get through the complete concepts. You will understand every nook and cranny of SFM. You will complete notes on the subject. Ravi Sir has mastered the subject and has put forth all the concepts and just for betterment he has shared some very useful tips to crack the exam.In the beginning you will go through the syllabus will get to know why SFM, its objective and how to prepare for it. You have to pay the price of success and that is your efforts and hard work. You can make our lectures worthy by being determined. We will help you, motivate you and for any queries or doubts do not hesitate to write us at
Lecture 1 Introduction (In this lecture you are going learn about valuation which means an estimation of worth of something, especially one carried out by professional valuer. In the beginning of the lecture you will understand the syllabus and how to begin. Then as you proceed you will learn the different financial assets joint with risk and return, derivative i.e., financial instruments, Portfolio management, capital budgeting and foreign exchange risk management. You will just understand the brief of the above and the above topics corresponds to the more than 60 marks. Thereupon you will begin with Valuation which further covers Financial assets, Bond Valuation, value of business, Mergers and Acquisition, mutual funds, Valuation of goodness, Valuation of shares and Financial services. These topics covers around 40 marks including theory. Then you will learn the time value of money. You will also solve many problems based on Present value of one time amount, annuity and annuity defined for n years. At the end of the lecture you will revise all the methods of finding Present Value and begin with basics of Bond Valuation.)
Lecture 2 Bond Valuation (In this lecture you will learn about Bond Value: Bond value is basically a technique to find the fair value of a bond. Bonds are very similar to Debentures. we get coupons on bonds with fixed interest. Bond can be issued at par or at premium or at discount. It can be issued by central govt or by private agencies. Bond can be secured as well as unsecured also. It can be redeemable and non- redeemable. The bonds are further divided into two categories: Coupon Bonds or Zero Coupon bonds. The zero coupon bonds are issued at discount while coupon bonds provides you interest and after a tenure of 7 years you even get principle amount as well. The fair value of any financial asset shall be equal to the present value of expected future cash flow discounted at discount rate yield at maturity. There is some fair value of bonds which is fairly explained by Ravi Sir. You will get th formulas and will practice problems based on them. There are certain risk associated with it. The above was just a brief. You will get the thorough explanation of the concepts.)

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Mr. CA Ravi Gujral sir is an exceptional teacher. He is always ready to help out student with every fibre in his body. He has some magnificent tips to share with you to make you crack the exam. He has been teaching Financial Management for last 9 years. He has expertise the subjects. Joining hands with Study Khazana, he wish to broaden the reach of Knowledge.

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