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Syntax refers to the arrangement of words or phrases to create a well formed sentences in a language. In this session you will learn to find the common errors. Find error is not an art it is just a matter of swearing errors by some guidelines and practice. Dipti mam is providing you the best rules on spotting error. These rules will improve your English and will help you master the language.

Lecture 14: Syntax Part-1


Lecture 15: Syntax Part-2

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With inversion you will now learn some new words which have already appeared in the exams. These words are commonly seen in "The Hindu". There are about 60 words that you will learn in this section. All the words are made to learn by mnemonics which is a very interesting trick and will help you learn 30 words a day in such a way that you will not forget. The trick has been used to make vocabulary very easy for you. In Inversion you will learn its meaning and uses in sentences. There are few rules to follow. Inversions are generally used to express your emotions in a dramatic manner, exaggerated and effective way. They are very simple and can be used in your daily conversation.

Lecture 9: Inversion


Lecture 10: Vocabulary

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Verb is a very important part of speech. Without the English cannot exist. Verb is used to show motion or some action. For eg: Run, walk,..etc. It can be modified to show specific tense, voice or mood. There are verbs that have agree with certain gender, argument and person. Verb plays and important role in English Grammar. This entire section is for verbs where you will learn to all the rules and the way to use them. There are 3 lectures in this section beginning from the basics to advance. This section adds to your foundation and give you boost to your knowledge. With this lecture you must start conversation in English this is the only best to learn speaking English.

Lecture 11: Beginning


Lecture 12: Modals


Lecture 13: Causative Verbs

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This section is particularly for Pronouns. With us you will learn to build your foundation step by step. All the lectures are related with one another. In this lecture you will learn the definition of Pronoun, its 10 types and 20 rules to make them use. further you can also improve your English. Mam has promised to help all of you. you can raise queries or doubts and fro sure you will receive your answer for each of your queries. Pronouns is a very important topic in parts of speech and it is seen in sentence correction, sentence improvement and error detection. The rules provided to you are for practice. As more you practice the more you will improve. For further practice we will provide you more questions to practice. All the questions provided to you ensures you learn something new and more.

Lecture 6: Beginning


Lecture 7: General Rules

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Lecture 16: Implementation Of Adjective

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Lecture 19: Articles


Lecture 20: Vocabulary


Question Tag is a very important topic as it has its weightage in comprehension, cloze test, fill in the blanks, sentence rearrangement as well as in Common Errors. Dipti has briefly explained the entire chapters providing you notes for you practice and rules for using them. In this section you will learn about the Question tags, their rules and their usage. The sentences used by mam have actually appeared in the exam. Question Tag is a very small and easy topic and with these rules you can improve your written skills. You will also get practice sheets to practice more and make your grammar perfect.

Lecture 8: Question Tags

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Noun is a part of Speech which is very very important for almost most of the question types. It has many minute grammar tips which are asked in exams. So here we are with you providing you tips on each and thing involved in Noun Plural and Singular of some specific words. All these have tried to make easy for you and so Dipti mam has divided them in certain groups. The chronological order of these group doesn't matter, actually your understanding matters. This section of 5 Lectures with practice sheets. There will a proper discussion on the practice questions wherein you will learn many new words and many new concepts. You will not only learning English for Bank PO but actually preparing for a brighter future ahead. We will make your foundation stronger than ever. We request you to watch these lectures in a sequence only as each of the next lecture is related to previous concept. General Information on Noun:- Noun is Basically a Part of Speech which is used as a subject or object of the sentence. There are five types of noun and they are Proper Noun, Common Noun, Collective Noun, Abstract Noun and Material Noun. Out of these 5, Proper, Common and Collective noun are countable and rest are uncountable. All these nouns are defined very well in the lectures. Further these Uncountable are divided on the basis of the sentence and their meaning vary depending on the sentence. We are providing you Practice sheets please go through them as many times as you can as they all are picked up from previous year question paper.

Lecture 1: Definition, Countable & Uncountable Noun


Lecture 2: Countable and Uncountable Nouns Contd..


Lecture 3: Practice Sheets for Countable & Uncountable Nouns


Lecture 4: Practice Session-1


Lecture 5: Practice Session-2

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Lecture 17: General Rules


Lecture 18: General Rules Part-2

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Lecture 21: Adverb

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Lecture 22: Preposition

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Lecture 23: Conjuction

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Lecture 24: Practice sheets-1


Lecture 25: Practice Sheet -2


Lecture 26: Practice Sheet-3


Lecture 27: Important Rule -1


Lecture 28: Important Rule -2

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Lecture 29: Voice and Narration

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Published    19-Oct-2016      Bilingual

English is one of the main subject of the Bank PO syllabus and covers 30 Questions of 30 marks. It must be very clear to you that To clear the Bank PO exam you need to qualify all the three sections (Quant, Reasoning, and English) individually. Wherein the expected number of questions are as follows: Reasoning Comprehension- 10 Cloze Test - 5 Sentence Correction - 5 Spot the Error - 5 Fill in the blanks - 5 Particularly talking about English, here we are providing you some tips to begin your exam with. If you are really very good in English you should start the exam with it only and should finish this section in 15 minutes. If your English is average again you should try to be extra cautious with Para jumbles. If you are not sure about any problem, it is better to leave it. If you cover 17+ questions with accuracy, you would be able to clear the sectional cut off without much trouble. If you are really weak in exam, then you should attempt it after Quant and Reasoning Section. Try to attempt Fill in the blanks, cloze test and sentence correction instead of Para Jumbles. Once you finish it attempt vocabulary questions from reading comprehension. This would be enough to clear the sectional cutoff. Now here are some tips to give you an idea for attempting English Section. * Always start answering with small questions like spotting errors, fillers, sentence rearrangement etc. and keep the comprehension for last as its time consuming. * No one can answer all the questions in English with hundred percent accuracy so attempt only those questions which you are sure about instead of making wild guesses. * Most of us are weak in vocabulary so don’t worry much about it, because there will be hardly 2-4 questions of that kind. You can even skip those questions. * While attempting fillers with two blank, there will be one blank which will be easy to identify and you can relate the second one accordingly. * Sometimes we face problem with sentence rearrangement also, so it’s better to identify the first and last sentence first and then arrange the remaining if you can. * For comprehension, go through the passage and questions simultaneously. This will help you in answering the question quickly without wasting time.

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