Accounts For Class XII
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Accounts For Class XII

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Instructed by Gaurav Kumar Verma
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Published    24-Jun-2017      Bilingual

As per the syllabus, you will learn the following:
1) Partnership: Feature and Deeds
2) Provisions of Indian Partnership Act, 1932 in the absence of partnership deed.
3) Fixed Vs Fluctuating capital accounts, preparation of profit and loss appropriation account- division of profits among the partners and guarantee of profits
4) Pat Adjustments
5) Goodwill: nature, factors affecting and methods of valuation, average profit, super profit, capitalization.

Section 1: Partnership Fundamental ()
Lecture 1 Partnership Fundamental Lecture- 1 ()
Lecture 2 Partnership Fundamental Lecture- 2 ()
Lecture 3 Profit and Loss Appropriation ()
Lecture 4 Interest on Capital ()
Lecture 5 Partnership Commission ()
Lecture 6 Past Adjustment ()
Lecture 7 Guarantee to a Partner ()
Lecture 8 Goodwill valuation ()

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