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Lecture 1: Advanced Investment Appraisal Part- 1


Lecture 2: Advanced Investment Appraisal Part- 2


Lecture 3: Advanced Investment Appraisal Part- 3

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Lecture 1: Cost of Capital Part 1


Lecture 2: Cost of Capital Part 2

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Lecture 1: Cost of Capital Part 3

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Lecture 1: Adjusted Present Value - Part 1


Lecture 2: Adjusted Present Value - Part 2

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Lecture 1: International Investment Appraisal - Part 1


Lecture 2: International Investment Appraisal - Part 2


Lecture 3: International Investment Appraisal - Part 3

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Lecture 1: Valuations Part- 1


Lecture 2: Valuations Part- 2


Lecture 3: Valuations Part- 3

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Lecture 1: Merger & Acquisition Part- 1


Lecture 2: Merger & Acquisition Part- 2

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Lecture 1: Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk Part- 1


Lecture 2: Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk Part- 2

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Lecture 1: Hedging Interest Rate Risks Part- 1


Lecture 2: Hedging Interest Rate Risks Part- 2

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Lecture 1: Revision Part- 1


Lecture 2: Revision Part- 2

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Lecture 1: Revision Part- 1


Lecture 2: Revision Part- 2

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Lecture 1: Revision

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Lecture 1: Revision Part- 1


Lecture 2: Revision Part- 2

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Lecture 1: Revision Part- 1


Lecture 2: Revision Part- 2

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Lecture 1: Final Session

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Published    04-Jan-2019      Bilingual

P4 – Advanced Financial Management (AFM) Advance Financial Management is one of the four optional paper at Professional Level of ACCA. The syllabus of this paper contains the following Chapters:

  1. Role of a senior financial advisor in the multinational organisation – This section covers Financial strategy formulation, Dividend policy, management of international trade, ethical and governance issues, strategic business and financial planning and role and responsibilities of a senior financial executive/ advisor.
  2. Advanced investment appraisal – This section covers Discounted cash flow, application of option pricing theory in the investment decision, the impact of financing on investment decisions, valuation and the use of free cash flows and International investment and financing decision.
  3. Acquisitions and mergers – This section cover valuations for acquisitions and mergers, Financing acquisitions and mergers and regulatory framework and processes.
  4. Corporate restructuring and re-organisation – This section covers the Financial reconstruction and Business re-organisation.
  5. Treasury and advanced risk management techniques – This section covers the use of financial derivatives to hedge against forex risk and interest rate risk and the role of treasury function in multinationals. 

ACCA P4 exam paper will have one case study of 50 marks and two questions of 25 marks each. The student is expected to have the technical knowledge and the ability to relate to their technical expertise to the issues of strategic importance to the organisation.

These video lectures will make the subject easy for students. The free lecture is available as a demo. We provide mock exams after completion of the full course. These lectures are recording of the live sessions taken. It will include question and answer of the students undertaken during the class. These classes are based on BPP publication. However, students can also refer to Kaplan study material for their practice. Both books are authorised publishers of acca study material. Students are advised to practice ACCA past exams papers.

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